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Tourist tax is not included in the room rate and is paid separately

  • The tourist tax is a local tax, the funds from which are credited to the local budget.
    Payers of the fee:
    The taxpayers are citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, as well as stateless persons who arrive in the territory of an administrative-territorial unit, which has a decision of a village, town, city council or council of a united territorial community, established in accordance with the law and a prospective plan for the formation of community territories, on the establishment of a tourist tax, and temporarily placed in places of residence (overnight), defined by subparagraph 268.5.1 of paragraph 268.5 of Article 258 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.
  • Resident is (Reference)
  • Non-resident is (Reference)
  • Tourist tax is not included in the room rate and is paid separately, except for groups of individuals who are exempted from paying it
  • Rack rate not includes the tourist fee which was determined by Ukrainian city administration. Tourist fee is paid separately, except groups of persons who are exempt from paying it.
  • A prerequisite for exemption from paying a tourist fee is the availability of an order for a business trip with the Guest upon arrival and / or providing its scan upon reservation. To ensure that the tourist fee will not be included to the bill when reservation is paid by bank transfer, it is necessary that a scan of the order for a business trip will be sent with the reservation application to the reservation department. Otherwise, the tourist fee will be included to the bill.

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