What could be better than a bright and memorable pictures? Photos that are pleasing to the eye and warm the soul, who wants to show to friends and family. Proper site selection can make your recording memorable and unique.
That is why the Menorah Center provides a service of the photos on the site. The Menorah Center unique architectural complex, which was the most ambitious project is not only the city of Dnepr , and the whole Ukraine. This is a prestigious multi-purpose center and the picturesque and beautiful city views. The unique location and a respectable appearance of the building underline its high status.
Maximum comfort and comfortable rooms and a central location with a beautiful interior design to help you get exactly the picture, which you want.
A variety of various locations of the complex will allow for the different thematic photos (wedding, love story, family, children, fashion photos, and many other options to implement the conceived you images). Professionals complex will help with the shooting at the highest level.

The complex offers ultra-modern rooms and facilities:
• Large ballroom Menorah Grand Hall – is one of the largest and most beautiful in Ukraine;
• Small celebrations Facilities Menorah Ballroom;
• Pchelkina House – a magnificent hall in the Renaissance style, will make you feel the era of ancient Ekaterinoslav. Partially preserved wall painting pre-revolutionary times, and other unique elements of interior decoration is amazing. In such an atmosphere, any filming will be a memorable event in your life?
• Gallery 1st floor of the center – which recreated the ancient facades of 12 Ekaterinoslav, the walls are lined with marble Jerusalem;
• Hotel Apartments Menorah Hotel;
• Menorah Grand Terrace — first opened in Dnepr two-tier deck on the roof of the restaurant complex Menorah Grand Palace at the Menorah Center. The terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city that attracts and inspires many;
• The observation deck on the 18th floor – allow you to feel the spirit of freedom, lightness and flight, as well as to see the city with a bird’s-eye view at the level of 65 meters.

For you all the locations and types of the complex will appear in all its incredible elegance and luxury. With this you can be sure that all your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible, and the result of the photo shoot will delight you after many years!